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Grace Alone

10 Life changing messages all based on Grace Alone.

They really are impactive messages

USB Version


  • - The Protocol of Grace Pt1
  • - The Protocol of Grace Pt2
  • - The Protocol of Grace Pt3
  • - Growing in Grace through the local Church
  • - What to do when your life is falling apart
  • - Saints behaving badly
  • - God has no plan B
  • - God's secret weapon for battle weary dreamers
  • - Trusting God, Why is it so hard?
  • - Developing a first Love culture

Grace Shouts Louder

This is the latest Book from Pastor Ray Bevan

In September 2014, I transitioned the Church I had pastored for 25 years over to the next generation.  The only way I can describe this experience is like a father walking his daughter down the aisle to hand her over to the care of another man.

Although it was intensely emotional it was also wonderfully exciting because personally I sensed it wasn’t the ending of something but the beginning of something.  It wasn’t an ending it was a transition.  I didn’t want to be another itinerant preacher trying to fill a diary or find somewhere to preach.  God reassured me that morning I was not just setting in a son, but the Church was sending out a father.  I felt God say to me ‘I am sending you out into my Church as an abolitionist.’

The greatest area of slavery on earth is in the Church.  Christians who love Him and want to serve Him - but do so in chains, particularly the chain of condemnation.

For 400 years God’s people worshipped Him in chains, burdened down by the task masters of Pharaoh.  The same is happening today.  The only means of deliverance for a shackled Church is a revelation of the Gospel of the Grace of God.

I write this book as an abolitionist.  I can already hear the chains fall off your life as you receive and apply the truths contained in this book.

The Gospel of Grace unshackled me personally and my prayer is it will do the same for you.

The Preachers Masterclass

The Preachers Masterclass

This is the complete 4 session download as preached by Pastor Ray Bevan

Grace To The Rescue

Grace To The Rescue is the latest studio album by Pastor Ray Bevan

The Great Church Robbery

For thousands of years, many of God’s people have
worshipped Him in chains.

They see Church as a place where a guilty preacher
tells guilty people how to feel more guilty. Bludgeoned
by the task master of law-based preaching the good
news of the Gospel is being polluted and robbed,
preventing God’s people entering into God’s promised
rest of grace.  
In this teaching series, Ray seeks to demolish the lie
that gods people need to worship God chained To
the law and instead can enjoy the freedom of an
abundant grace-filled life.

Religion vs The Gospel

The battle of the Universe is not The Federation vs. The Klingons but Religion vs. The Gospel.

Human beings are inescapably religious.  We have a deep seated sense for the spiritual.  A longing for the supernatural.  A deep desire to connect with the divine.  

The human heart longs for unconditional love but is convinced it does not exist.  That’s why religion works.  It believes in conditional love.  Obey the rules – gain the love. 

God’s answer to that human need is The Gospel.  Satan’s counterfeit is religion.  Satan’s most effective weapon against humanity to prevent and blind them to the Good News of the Gospel is not sin but religion. 

In this 8 part series we will look at how we need to understand and embrace the Gospel in order to live productive lives.

Leading Your Church in Praise & Worship

This brand new resource from Pastor Ray Bevan gives a wonderful insight into Worship from a Biblical perspective.

Aimed specifically but not exclusively at worship leaders and their teams, this teaching blows apart any previous

ideas of what Worship should be or how it should sound and reminds us that Worship begins and ends with our hearts.


Join Pastor Ray Bevan as he teaches the Kings Church creative team 'The Pattern' and 'The Practice' of Praise & Worship.


Recorded at Kings Church January 2013

This is a 2 set message

Larger picture

Prepared for Greatness

The successful completion of destiny is determined by the wisdom employed to negotiate the seasons of life.  This book is packed with 30 years of experience shared through personal stories and personal Rhema's from God's word through Ray Bevan.